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About Us

In the beginning (about 1990)...

...there was a table in a dining room of a house in the leafy suburb or Barnet where leaflets were labelled up ready for mailing, and a shed in the back garden where orders were typed and packed ready for despatch.

But how and why did it start?

Arkley Labels started in 1976 selling labels to the garment trade and general industry.   We came across these stickers in 1989 produced by some friends in Australia but didn't really think much more about it.  Then one day a school in Battersea telephoned and said do you do stickers for schoolchildren?  We said well yes we do and hopped in the car and drove to Battersea.  They selected 20 designs that they liked, we airfreighted them in from Australia and they formed the core of a new range called School Merit Stickers.  (That's why the bank account is called Arkley Labels & School Merit Stickers).

Well things got busier, before long the shed was bursting, stickers were being stored in the boot of the Montego (the family car) and the loft.  Also there was nowhere to store the bikes and lawnmower.  Fortunately a friend was running a screenprinting business just round the corner and made some space available.  See picture below...

The volume of orders continued to grow, and regular runs to the post office were made in grandpa’s gold Renault 5, known to family & friends as Gumdrop.  However, before long there was a great lack of space once again, and an uncle had some land in New Barnet which we bought in 1994 and built premises on.  School Merit Stickers remains there to this very day.

The range now comprises over 1,500 products from stickers and certificates to baseball caps and USB sticks, as well as a whole range of awards that can be personalised.  Most of the products are produced in the UK, many of them in our own factory.  With new ideas coming from teaching professionals all over the country the range just keeps on growing!
Our reason for being hasn’t changed though: it’s to provide the most effect rewards for learners of all ages.

So what’s new?

The website has had a refresh...

It’s still just as fast and easy to use.  Remember to take advantage of the special offer - Buy 7 Get 1 Free - the site automatically calculates this and gives the cheapest one of every 8 free.  This offer applies to most stock products apart from Budget Beaters and Lanyards which are discounted separately.

New products...

The enamel badge range keeps on growing as the shield titles are increased.  The new Sherriff stars are really popular too! Keep looking in the New Products section and in the Online Catalogue

Coming soon 

More badges of course!  Also some amazing new designs that Chris thought up one day.  Keep checking while we put the finishing touches to them.

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