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Office & ID Accessories

Lanyards, ID card accessories, office stampers and visitor systems - all from School Merit Stickers.


Choose from 10 plain colours and 5 printed designs, all supplied with safety break and multi-purpose fitting.  All our lanyards can be used with all our ID card holders.

 ID card holders & accessories

This range of card holder will take most different sizes of ID cards.  Also shown here are retractable card holders and plastic or metals neck chains.

 Office stampers

Ideal for organising things, use these stampers for numbering or dating, and marking documents Received, Paid or Faxed.  All these stampers are made from 75% recycled materials and are packed in 100% recycled unbleached cardboard.

Visitor stickers

Identify visitor with these useful stickers.  The different designs show different information so you can choose the one that suits your school best.


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