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Hello, and welcome to the page where we explain all about our special offers.

Buy 8 and get the cheapest free

Most of our stock products (apart from Budget Beaters and Office & ID products, see further down) have this awesome offer already applied so when you are filling your basket with fabulous stuff, the website AUTOMATICALLY gives you the cheapest pack free for every 8 you order.  

You don't have to remember any codes, you don't have to do anything except just keep shopping!  This is pretty unique and over the years we have given away literally thousands and thousands of packs totally free.

However, you will have to remember to claim the free packs when you are ordering by any other method - phone, fax, email or post.  The free packs are only applied automatically on the website.

Free pack on orders over £40 + vat...

This is cool, because it works alongside the B8G1F offer mentioned above.  That means you can both have your cake AND eat it, or at least you can have your cheapest pack free and get the special offer pack.  Just remember to click the 'CLAIM A FREE STICKER PACK' button in your basket when you get over £40 + VAT.

...or Free pen or USB on orders over £60 + vat

Like the free pack offer above, you can claim a Parker pen worth over £7 or a really handy USB for all that portable information just by clicking either of the 'CLAIM A FREE USB STICK' or  'CLAIM A FREE PARKER PEN' buttons once your order is over £60 + VAT.

Budget Beaters and Office & ID products

These are discounted separately on a bulk-buy basis, so the price goes down the more you buy.  It's all explained on the product pages and as you would expect, the price AUTOMATICALLY reduces as you shop.  Again, nothing to remember and no code to enter, just pop it in the basket and let the website do the rest for you.