Our biggest collection of school stickers which can be used for just about everything! These School Stickers are used to motivate and reward students on a daily basis at schools across the UK for work well done, good behaviour, attendance, merit stickers and so much more. Some of the unique products in our School Sticker range include the Well Done, Brilliant, Terrific and Excellent stickers.

Reward stickers offer recognition, an easy way for teachers to say “well done” in a way that children will warm to. Our range of school stickers is perfect for motivating students and encouraging both good behaviour and hard work!

Stock up on your reward stickers with this incredible range with dozens of styles to choose from. School Merit Stickers is your one-stop shop when it comes to school stickers!

If you are looking for more specific styles of stickers or just something different, why not check out our other stickers such as the megamix stickers and metallic stickers.

FREE Delivery on School Stickers

School Merit Stickers is proud to offer FREE delivery on all orders over £30with same day dispatch if the order is placed before 3pm so you receive your new School Stickers fast!

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